Here is an outline of the typical 3-hour day at Young Stars Preschool. Each day, your child will work to master new skills in a variety of ways – by playing with other children, by leading Circle Time, through technology, and through different centers.

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Free Choice/Book Time – 30 minutes

  • This is a time set aside for kids to work on socialization skills and emotional development.  Children will communicate and play with others and explore a love for books with friends.

Circle/Calendar Time – 15 minutes

  • During this time we will be going over what our day will look like and what the goals are for the day.  Kids will have a chance to take turns leading the meeting by going over the calendar and the weather.  We will also greet each other with a song, poem, chant, or dance during this time.

Literacy Centers – 45 minutes

  • We will work on alphabet activities, handwriting skills, vocabulary skills, reading to each other, listening to the teacher read or listening to a book on CD, and adding in technology with ABC Mouse.  We will also add in social studies skills during this time by adding it into the books we read and discussions we have.

Snack/Story Time – 15 minutes

  • This is a time when the kids get to relax, have an USDA approved snack, and listen to a book read by the teacher.

Math Centers – 30 minutes

  • Kids will work on math, logical thinking, and problem solving.  They will work on counting, colors, shapes, scissor skills, and some STEM activities will be included.  Occasionally technology, such as iPad time, may be included during this time to work on apps that incorporate problem solving skills.

Music/Exercise – 15 minutes

  • During this time kids will be doing an exercise lead by the teacher, dancing to a Just Dance video, singing songs, playing instruments, or may go outside and have some free time to play with outdoor toys and run around.

Art – 30 minutes

  • This will usually incorporate the main skill/letter worked on during literacy centers.  It may also include free paint/drawing time to increase creative thinking.  Students will be encouraged to express themselves during this time and add their own special skills to their projects.

 Share Time/Greatness Circle – 10 minutes

  • Our days will always end on a positive note. Kids will take turns sharing stories, show and tell items, answering questions, talking about their day, and telling others their greatness and why.


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North Dakota Pre-K Content Standards

Young Stars Preschool’s schedule and curriculum follows these North Dakota Pre-K standards.

  • Health and physical development
  • Social and emotional development
  • Approaches to learning and play
  • Arts and creative thinking
  • Language and literacy
  • Social studies
  • Math and logical thinking
  • Science and problem solving

Preschool Skills

While attending Young Stars Preschool, your child will work to master the following skills.

  • Write first and last name
  • Know phone number and address
  • Recite birthday
  • Patterns, colors, scissor skills, and shapes
  • Writing letters, matching uppercase and lowercase letters, identifying upper and lowercase letters
  • Count to twenty, write numbers one through ten, count objects
  • Rhyme words
  • Read a book with a parent/teacher
  • Use comparative words (ex. big/small)
  • Identify position/direction words
  • Put pictures together to tell a story

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– Nelson Mandela

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